Contract Assignments

We will provide rapid and efficient response for your short-term staffing requirements.

Permanent Appointments

We advertise, screen, and recruit the finest candidates for your permanent opportunities.

Disabled Candidates

We specialise in placing disabled candidates both permanently and on a contractual basis.

About Us

FlowCentric Resourcing is a flexible, fast-moving talent acquisition provider that supplies Information and Communications Technology (ICT) skills to customers across multiple industries.

Our Origins

FlowCentric Resourcing is a member of the FlowCentric Group. Our sister company, FlowCentric Technologies, has a been an international player in the technology industry for nearly two decades, working with some of the largest organisations in South Africa.

Several years ago, Group management identified the need for a talent provider capable of understanding the wants, worries, and requirements of customers and candidates in the ICT space.

This need gave birth to the FlowCentric Resourcing company. The hands-on experienced that the crew have gain over the past few decades makes the team at FlowCentric Resourcing uniquely qualified to pair quality technology candidates with the right companies. Forming relationships that are designed to stick.

The goal of the FlowCentric Resourcing team is to establish long-term strategic partnerships with both our customers and candidates. To achieve this goal open lines of communication are vital, which is why each customer liaises directly with a dedicated resource consultant.

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Permanent Appointments

We offer:

  • Intense selection and screening processes
  • Proactive assistance and support throughout the recruitment process
  • Comprehensive industry knowledge
  • Counselling and career guidance for candidates
  • A carefully vetted database of candidates
  • Unique testing and verification processes
FlowCentric Resourcing Permanent Appointments
FlowCentric Resourcing Contract Assignments

Contract Assignments

We provide:

  • Expert candidate screening and interviewing services
  • Secure client relationships
  • End-of-contract placement assistance
  • Up-to-date data on industry rates
  • Support systems for career and salary guidance
  • Contracts based on current labour law and tax legislation

Contractor Care

We will:

  • Make sure that agreements are signed in time
  • Ensure that agreements adhere to current labour law and tax legislation
  • Conduct regular contractor satisfaction surveys
  • Ensure that skills transfer occurs where required
  • Deliver a comprehensive HR function to our onsite contractors
  • Provide site orientation and starter packs to new consultants
  • Coordinate performance reviews
FlowCentric Resourcing Contract Assignments
FlowCentric Resourcing Short-Term Assignments

Short-Term Assignments

We offer:

  • Rapid, efficient response to short-term staffing requirements
  • Experienced, vetted ICT resources
  • Competitive rates
  • MCSE, A+, Service Engineers, Desktop and Helpdesk Personnel

We can rapidly mobilise any level of ICT resource for short-term assignments

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